Academy Award Nominee, Winner Tribeca Film Festival, Winner Silver Docs Film Festival


The New York Times - Jason George
“Engrossing...Pulls no punches.” Read Article

Los Angeles Weekly - Scott Foundas
Street Fight amasses the cumulative tension of a crackerjack suspense thriller... It is filmmaking of the first order, a movie with the power to turn hearts, change minds...” Read Article

The New Yorker - David Denby
"Extraordinary... In brief, Marshall Curry, the young director of Street Fight, has hit the documentary jackpot." Read Article - Andrew O'Hehir
"An electrifying, suspenseful film, full of street-level political drama." Read Article

The L.A. Times - Kevin Crust
One of the Best 10 Films of 2006. “A good ol' bare-knuckled local election with the intrigue of a thriller." Read Article - Beau Willimon
"It is difficult to make a film that is equal parts optimistic and cynical, terrifying and inspiring. Street Fight is all of the above."
Read Article

Philadelphia Inquirer - Steven Rea
"Compelling and occasionally mind-boggling... Curry's picture is a must see."
(3 1/2 stars out of four)
Read Article

Filmmaker Magazine - Scott Macaulay
"Riveting drama." Curry is one of "25 New Faces of Independent Film" Read Article

The Star Ledger - Matt Zoller Seitz
“Engrossing nonfiction-- a grimly funny account of bloody-knuckled democracy... the political version of a slasher picture." Read Article

New York Newsday - Gene Seyour
“Curry’s film is genuinely smart and rousing.”

San Francisco Chronicle - Neva Chonin
A “mean, lean documentary that's earned the first-time filmmaker a deserved Academy Award nomination... Should be required viewing” Read Article

Indiewire - Hugo Perez
“Marshall Curry’s Street Fight packs a wallop… riveting…” Read Article

Tavis Smiley Show, PBS - Tavis Smiley
“This is a fascinating story... A wonderful documentary.”

ABC News: The Note
“You won't wanna' miss" Street Fight.

Time Out - Raven Snook
“Even if you know the outcome, Marshall Curry's riveting, Oscar nominated chronicle... will have you shaking your head in disbelief." Press - Christy Lemire
“Turth hasn't been stranger than fiction this year; it's been better." Cited as one of The Best Movies of the Year.

New York Post - Lou Lumenick
"Tough and brave... As vividly recounted by Curry, it's as riveting as it is depressing."
(3 1/2 stars out of 4)

FIPRESCI (Internatl. Federation of Film Critics) - Norman Wilner
Street Fight, which took the [Hot Docs] festival's prize for Best International Documentary, avoids dryness entirely... It was the most riveting film I saw in the entire festival, in and out of competition." Read Article

The L.A. Times
- Kevin Crust
“Sharp-eyed... The story that first time feature filmmaker Curry tells is extremely compelling, but where he really scores is in addressing politics and race in a way that allows events to speak for themselves." Read Article

TV Guide - Ken Fox
“It's a fascinating film, simultaneously enthralling, infuriating and guaranteed to make viewers ask how such a perversion of the political process could be taking place in America." Read Article

AlterNet/ - Ada Calhoun
“A surprisingly suspensful Oscar nominated documentary." Interview with Marshall Curry

Boston Globe - Sam Allis
“The documentary is simple and strong... a story too good to ignore." Read Article

Court TV - Jami Floyd
"A brilliantly courageous look at the democratic process. It is a gutsy study of the way American politics is, and how it ought to be."

Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor/KPCC
"It's an eye opener...very well made."

The Times (UK) - David Chater "The mayoral election campaign of an American city may not seem a promising subject for a lengthy documentary but Marshall Curry hit the jackpot."

Morning Edition, NPR
Listen to Steve Inskeep's interview with filmmaker Marshall Curry. Listen Here

Village Voice - Michael Atkinson
"Unpretentionious and absorbing... Enough cultural crosscurrents to fill out a novel... Curry should watch his back." Read Article

The Observer (UK) - Sarah Hughes
“A fascinating documentary which tackles complex issues" Pick of the Day.

Evening Standard (UK)
- Kimberley Darke
"Another top notch Storyville film."

The Guardian (UK) - John Patterson
“A nailbiter worthy of 'The Best Man'." Read Article

The Orlando Weekly - Steve Schneider
“There's barely a frame of Street Fight that isn't election-doc gold... Street Fight isn't just a great film; it's essential viewing to prove to yourself that you're not so cynical after all." Read Article

David Poland's The Hot Button
Street Fight is a real life Spike Lee movie (that would be the best work of Spike's career...) A more complex version of Rocky... It is the rare documentary that commands-- not demands-- that you take action."

The New York Daily News- Lloyd Grove
"Riveting documentary, in which an idealistic reformer comes to grips with machine politics and dirty tricks."

Crooks and Liars
"It was exceptional."

Mary Evans & Clive Morgan, Daily Telegraph (UK)
A "striking political expose... the race for mayor plays like a modern day shoot out...engrossing tale." Selected as one of "Today's Highlights"

Daily Telegraph (UK) - Patrick Ness
"A hugely entertaining Oscar-nominated documentary."

The Independent (UK) - Gerard Gilbert
"Another fine film" Pick of the Day

Daily Mail (UK)
"An illuminating documentary." Critic's Choice Pick of the Day, four stars

Digital City News- Gary Dretzka
"Terriffic...Somewhere, in the Great Beyond, Richard J. Daley, Tom Pendergast, Huey P. Long and Boss Tweed followed the 2002 election with rapt attention, cheering James’ every infringement of 1st Amendment Rights … so will audiences..."

The New York Sun - A. L. Gordon
"Perhaps the most significant Tribeca Film Festival award is that given by the audience. And so it is time to pay attention to Street Fight... [Curry] couldn't have dreamed up a more compelling subject."

Bloomberg News - Dave Shiflett
“An incredible film by Marshall Curry... entertaining."

Video Librarian - R. Pitman
"Curry captures incredible stories... Highly recommended." Read Article

Tucson Weekly - James Digiovanna
"Director Curry does a great job... this is almost a textbook case in good documentary filmmaking."

Educational Media Reviews Online - Meghann Matwichuk
"Viewers sense how much is truly at stake and what this David-and-Goliath struggle means for the larger picture of politics in urban America... This riveting film would be appropriate in any library collection. Higly recommended." Read Article

St. Paul, MN, Pioneer Press - Chris Hewitt
"Filmmaker Marshall Curry's persistence and intelligence are what make it a riveting film. He seems always to be in the right place, and although he's forced to become part of the film, he doesn't impose his views, allowing us to figure out what we think."

Center Stage with Mark Gordon, KXLU
A "compelling David versus Goliath story... Street Fight is this year's political thriller."

The Sydney Morning Herald - Annmaree Bellman
"Not just stranger than fiction, but infinitely more compelling..." Read Article

The Reeler - Stu VanAirsdale
"The only thing more unbelievable than the election itself is Curry's execution... I can't recommend it enough."

Philadelphia Inquirer - Monica Yant Kinney
"Oscar-worthy drama... democracy unvarnished." - Chris Barsanti
"Street Fight is an amazing work, thrilling and informative in equal amounts." - Anthony Kusich
"Be sure to catch Street Fight wherever you can."

L.A. CityBeat - Andy Klein
"The whole thing is completely gripping and enraging."

The Portland Mercury- Alison Hallett
Street Fight is a must see documentary for anyone with even a passing interest in American politics... It's fascinating to see the drama unfold." Read Article

Tribeca Trib
“The film is a lesson in street-level politics that can not be learned in civics class.”

Museum of TV and Radio, NYC
Street Fight is a riveting account of the most brutal of contact sports: politics… First-time documentarian Marshall Curry emerges from the fray with a film that raises vital questions about the health of our democracy.”

Toronto Eye - Adam Nayman
A critics pick: (**** 4 stars) “Prepare to get seriously pissed off… [a] sharp, infuriating documentary.”

San Antonio Current
A "fascinating, disturbing documentary... a ballot-box bloodbath."

Charlotte Observer - Lawrence Toppman
A "fine documentary... freewheeling view of the corruption plagued Mayoral race in Newark, NJ."

SilverDocs Film Festival
“Few documentary films achieve epic climaxes worthy of a Shakespearean drama, but Street Fight does."

Tribeca Film Festival
“Curry’s film is a jaw-dropping example of rough and tumble politics that places the audience at the center of this dramatic fight.”

Politics NJ - Steve Kornacki
“A truly exceptional piece of filmmaking… a tight and coherent narrative that has universal appeal… One could argue that Curry stumbled into a gold mine when he ventured from his Brooklyn home to Newark, but not anyone could have taken such a complicated and colorful campaign and produced something thus focused and, dare I say, sharp.” Read Article

City Paper (Philadelphia) - Sam Adams
"Hear the phrase 'human rights' and your mind immediately goes some place else. But the most striking documentaries in this year's Human Rights Watch International Film Festival could've been shot around the corner—and one of them was." Read Article

Orlando Sentinel - Roger Moore
"It's utterly fascinating...bare-knuckles and unapologetic."

Vancouver Straight - Ken Eisner
A "tough look at issues of issues of race, class and corruption."

Combustible Celluloid - Jeffrey Anderson
"An old fashioned political yarn, featuring hand-pumping and baby-kissing, but also a dash of blood fury." Read Article

VC Reporter - John Larsen
"Filmmaker Marshall Curry gets so close to the mudslinging, you can smell it. An authetic civics lesson that is both shocking and puzzling." Read Article - Mel Odom
"I watched almost breathlessly as the events played out."

“Winner of the [Toronto Hot Docs Festival] Best International Documentary prize, Marshall Curry’s film is both a fight story worthy of a UFC match and a penetrating examination of racism, bossism and privilege in American municipal politics”

Toronto Metro
[Street Fight is a] “terrific fly-on-the-wall documentary”

The Martha's Vineyard Times - Brooks Robards
"Eye-opening...This film demonstrates chillingly how down-and-dirty politics happen at the local level as well as nationally.”

Word Magazine
“…Very insightful.”

Film Freak Central
**** (4 stars) “Absolutely vital viewing… A scary look at how race and class divisions are perhaps most venomous when they afflict the same race and class… [It’s] not too much to call Street Fight a microcosm of a crippling national disease.” Read Article

Gothamist - Aaron Dobbs
Street Fight is an absolutely amazing documentary.” A Gothamist Pick. Read Article - Evan Jacobs
Street Fight is a great movie."

Y Net News
A "poignant and sharp statement on American society and politics.” Read Article

Blog T.O.
“Go see this film… This is powerful stuff.” Read Article

Diversity in Business - Dan Perkins
"Hats off to Marshall Curry for making this courageous film... Street Fight is a film every American and every Black American needs to see."

American Library Association
Selected as a 2007 Notable Video for Adults. Read Article

Cincinatti Enquirer
“A fascinating documentary."

IndieWire - Critic Votes
Best Documentary - Akiva Gottlieb
Best First Film - Adam Nayman
Best First Film - Matthew Wilder

The Denver Post - Michael Booth
"Heart-stopping drama and emotional filmmaking." A Critic's Choice. Read Article

All Movie Guide - Donald Guarisco
"Full of exhilarating highs, devastating lows, and all the plot twists and suspense of a good potboiler.

© 2012 Marshall Curry Productions. All rights reserved.

- 100% Positive reviews - "Universal Acclaim"

The Washington Post - Desson Thomson
"The best American political documentary since 1993's The War Room.” Read Article

Variety - John Anderson
“It's a hard fast film that needs airing now... Street Fight is briskly edited, imaginatively scored by James Baxter and vastly entertaining... Even if you know the outcome, Street Fight will keep you on the edge of your seat." Read Article

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